King-Devick Reading Acceleration Program

Take reading fluency and comprehension to the next level
Grades 1–4 Literacy Assessment

Screen students for eye movement deficiencies related to poor reading performance with the King-Devick Test.

Practice and refine eye movements with K-D RAP in school or at home.

Measure gains in oral reading fluency and comprehension in as little as six weeks.

A new approach to improve reading performance.

The King-Devick Reading Acceleration Program provides simple in-school eye movement practice that significantly improves oral reading fluency and comprehension in as little as six weeks with elementary students.

Students can practice this web program for 10-20 minutes during a school day or at home. 

K-D RAP introduces new technology to the classroom to aid in teaching the physical act of reading.

Over 90% of students who completed K-D RAP improved in oral reading fluency and comprehension.

“By teaching students the physical act of reading during this critical learning period between first through fourth grades, we can make a huge impact in education.”

Amaal Starling, M.D. Mayo Clinic Neurologist
Explore how King-Devick can accelerate your students’ reading skills.