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Mitigate learning loss and foster year-round success for all students
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Enhance teaching and improve learning

Summer learning is always important for school-year success, but with the unpredictable challenges we’ve faced this year, it is vital for every learner. This summer, everyone in our learning communities will need extra support as we work together to ensure educators, students, and families are prepared—academically, socially, and emotionally—for whatever learning looks like this fall and beyond.

For free, K–12 learning resources across subjects, explore our Free Learning Resources page, and continue reading to learn how our solutions and services are uniquely suited to help you continue teaching, learning, and growing this summer.

Our Focus

Just as no two students are alike, each district’s summer school curriculum needs to differ. By offering districts, schools, and teachers a comprehensive suite of flexible solutions to choose from, teachers and administrators are able to design the summer school program that best fits their students’ needs.

Provide teachers with access to critical data to evaluate learners, adjust teaching, and improve outcomes.

Literacy Intervention
Guide students from learning-to-read to reading-to-learn with programs that build foundational skills and boost confidence.

Math Intervention
Create a foundation for students’ summer success with programs that build number sense, fluency, and problem solving.

English Language Support
Support students with daily intensive, accelerated instruction for English learners.

Mitigating COVID-19 Learning Loss

There are countless questions surrounding what learning will look like this summer, in the coming school year, and beyond. To help you navigate this time, we’ve put together this free guide to offer the latest research on learning disruptions and concrete recommendations for mitigating learning loss and supporting continued student success.

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Learn more about how HMH can help you redesign your summer school program.

Our Solutions
Ensure success in the year ahead

Our summer school solutions give teachers the ability to mix and match programs to best meet student needs while complementing your existing program.

Featured Assessments
Amira Learning™ (Grades K–3)

Support young readers throughout the summer with this 1:1 reading tutor, oral reading fluency assessment, and dyslexia screener.

Writable® (Grades 3–12)

Grow great writers and support ELA educators this summer with Writable’s 600+ flexible, customizable assignments and rubrics.

Literacy Intervention
iRead® (Grades K-2)

Close the opportunity gap this summer with an adaptive, foundational reading program.

System 44® (Grades 3-12)

Deliver personalized, research-based foundational literacy instruction that is essential to academic success.

READ 180® (Grades 4–12)

Get insights into students' learning needs this summer and help them grow with real-time data and adaptive technology.

Waggle® (Grades 2–8)

Make remote summer learning personalized and motivating with Waggle’s targeted data insights and growth mindset elements.

Math Intervention
Do The Math® Summer School (Grades 1-5)

This summer, rebuild a solid foundation for higher-level math success. Help students catch up and keep up!

Summer Success Math (Grades K-8)

Flexible enough to fit any summer school configuration, Summer Success®: Math reinforces grade-level standards.

Transition to Algebra (Grades 9-12)

Help students develop algebraic thinking and confidence with research-based instruction from Heinemann.

MATH 180® (Grades 5–12)

Help striving math learners gain mastery and understanding this summer with proven adaptive software and scaffolded practice.

Waggle® (Grades 2–8)

Make remote summer learning personalized and motivating with Waggle’s targeted data insights and growth mindset elements.

English Language Support
English 3D® (Grades 4-12)

Foster students’ development of academic and content-area vocabulary as well as their writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Escalate English® (Grades 4-8)

Build academic English proficiency via active engagement with rigorous, grade-level language, texts, media, and content.

On Our Way to English® (Grades K-5)

Challenge students to reach new heights with a focus on academic language and vocabulary development instruction.

Leveled Readers & Supplemental Literacy
Summer Success® Reading (Grades K-8)

Hit the ground running with all the materials needed to teach a six-week summer reading program.

Saxon® Phonics and Spelling (Grades K-3)

Build foundational literacy skills with research-based, explicit instruction in phonics, decoding, spelling, and fluency.

Hero Academy® (Grades Pre-K–4)

Engage students this summer while building literacy and fostering social-emotional learning with 78 thrilling stories at 13 distinct levels.

Rigby® PM Leveled Readers (Grades K-5)

Empower students to build confidence with challenges that bring stories to life and confidence to reading.

Rigby JillE Literacy®

A K–3 literacy experience written by literacy expert Jill Eggleton offers “just-right” leveled books and resources specially designed to engage young readers while systematically building their decoding, comprehension, and critical thinking skills in context.

Our Services
Anytime. Anywhere. Prepare teachers for today's educational landscape with flexible, continuous support.

As educators and students navigate teaching and learning in new environments, their challenges and opportunities for growth are more diverse than ever. The transitions you are making to remote learning require flexible solutions. As you support your learning communities, we are committed to supporting you and your development.

Support your summer school implementations

Flexible professional learning is available for all summer school teachers as you implement new programs, work with new students, or teach in new ways, especially as you strive to make a great impact in a short period of time.

Engage, Learn, and Apply Online

Jump-start success in your school and district with online summer professional development. Our experts will partner with you to design a flexible professional learning plan for teachers and leadership. We'll help you collaborate, share and apply new remote learning practices and build the skills you need to navigate today's challenges and foster tomorrow's success.

See how our summer school solutions could work in your classroom.