Special Education

Build skills, boost confidence, and help the most challenged students exceed expectations

Treat every learner as an individual

Our Approach

Passion for helping students succeed

Special education teachers share a unique bond in that they are passionately invested in their students’ performance. Our practitioners and collaborators, who have spent years in the field and in the classroom, understand this sentiment. By partnering directly with special education instructors and incorporating research in cognitive and behavioral science and instructional practice, HMH is able to deliver thoroughly researched programs.

Commitment to personalized learning

Serving each student requires an understanding of where they need support. Every program includes program-embedded assessment and targeted instruction that aligns to individual needs. Instruction is respectful of students, encouraging them to comfortably progress at their own pace, and professional support is available at every level to help teachers implement with confidence.

Fostering a mindset of “I can”

Research and pedagogy can only do so much. That’s why promoting a growth mindset is so important. Each of our programs fosters a growth mindset by showing students that effort leads to success. So much of this program philosophy is built on the attitude that an “I can” mindset can be learned. Along with building mathematical and reading foundations, our programs increase student confidence so students can persevere over any hurdle.
See how our special education solutions can work in your classroom.
Related Solutions

Every student has a unique set of needs, strengths, and challenges. How can we understand how to help each of them? HMH Assessment, including Riverside Assessments, is a comprehensive selection of measurement tools designed to provide trusted evaluations to assess every student effectively.


Sometimes students who struggle have the added burden of having to learn English. All of our intervention programs offer specific, research-based support for English language learners, making connections to their native language.

Professional Services

When educators learn and grow, so do their students. Our professional services provide the necessary coaching to build teacher capacity. Bring achievement to your classroom by teaming up with our coaches to ensure that every learner, student, and teacher alike, is poised for success.

Our Programs
Personalize instruction to meet their needs

Based on years of field research and expertise, every reading and math program allows for personalized instruction to reach the most challenged learners and help teachers to confidently implement strategies for success.

Our Authors & Advisors
Unparalleled Expertise

Special education teachers can count on the expertise of educational curriculum thought leaders to bring passionate and precise research and consultation to every program and service.

Dr. Ted Hasselbring
Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University
Marilyn Burns
Founder, Math Solutions
Dr. Deborah Ball
Dean, University of Michigan
Dr. Sybilla Beckmann
Content & Practices; Professor, University of Georgia
David Dockterman, Ed.D.
Lecturer on Education, Harvard Graduate School
Dr. Kate Kinsella
Author, English 3D, San Francisco University, Center for Teacher Efficacy
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See how our special education solutions can work in your classroom.