Turn today’s students into tomorrow’s innovators

Inspire investigation, exploration, and problem solving

When you harness students’ natural curiosity, real learning happens. HMH science programs are designed to encourage student-directed learning and deeper understanding of concepts. Open students’ minds to a world of scientific thinking.

Students enjoy multimodal learning through our dynamic, integrated print and digital components and gain a deeper understanding of science concepts.

New standards mean new ways of teaching and learning. The carefully planned guidance in our programs and services ensures mastery for teachers and students alike.

Science content that’s meaningful and experiential is learning that sticks. We’ve mastered the art of delivering real-world science that prepares students for college and beyond.

See how our science solutions can work in your classroom.
Our Programs
Harness curiosity

Dynamic content and rich media enable hands-on, minds-on learning. Our programs help immerse K–12 students in the wonders of the world around them as you build science literacy, engineering, and STEM skills.

Our Authors
Share a podium with the best science educators and thought leaders
Michael DiSpezio
Author, ScienceFusion and HMH Science Dimensions Programs; STEM Consultant on the HMH AGA Program
Dr. Mike Heithaus
Dean and Professor, Florida International University, Miami
Marjorie Frank
Educator and Linguist
Dr. Cary Sneider
Visiting Scholar, Portland State University
Dr. Stephen Nowicki
Dean and Vice Provost, Duke University
Dr. Mike Passow
Former Classroom Teacher; Past President, National Earth Science Teachers Association and National Association of Geoscience Teachers, Eastern Section
Dr. Thomas O’Brien
Professor, Graduate School of Education at SUNY Binghamton
News & Events
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Dr. Cary Sneider
Inquiry is Alive and Well in the NGSS
There is perhaps no more important term in science education reform since the days of John Dewy as “inquiry.” Yet the term has been intentionally replaced in the Next Generation… Learn more
Michael DiSpezio
Re-Thinking Curriculum for 21st Century Science Standards
Learn about the history of developing the Next Generation Science Standards as well as the resulting challenges and strategies for implementation. About the Presenter: Michael DiSpezio has authored many HMH… Learn more
Marjorie Frank
Integrating Literacy into the Science Classroom
Discover the deep and natural connections between language and science, and between English language arts and the Next Generation Science Standards. In this webinar, we’ll explore ways to make the… Learn more
Dr. Thomas O’Brien
Literacy Across the Disciplines and 4-Dimensional, FUNomena-based Science Teaching
As science teachers, we have the opportunity and responsibility to build on the foundation of ELA literacy, mathematical numeracy, and civic/social studies literacy to prepare our students for the “next… Learn more
Jeff Rylander
What does Integrating Science in the NGSS Look Like?
NGSS demands a shift in how we teach. We are challenged to integrate engineering into the science classroom to help our students see the interconnectedness of the science disciplines themselves… Learn more
Bernadine Okoro
All Standards, All Students—A Case Study: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and NGSS
As one of the writers of the NGSS Appendix D and Case Studies, Bernadine Okoro will illustrate how teachers can provide a practical and tangible route toward effective science instruction with… Learn more
See how our science solutions can work in your classroom.