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Our mission is to advance yours

Shaping a bright future for students takes more than just great content and smart instruction. It takes inspired teachers and passionate leadership.

When you work with us, we make it our business to forge relationships in your community; to craft tailored, classroom-first solutions; and to transform your daunting challenges into innovative leaps forward.

By offering expertise in professional learning, technical services, and strategic consulting, we give you the personalized support needed to bring your vision to life. 

How can we support your mission?
Our Services
Build instructional and leadership excellence from the classroom to your district office


See progress take shape with professional learning that’s collaborative, sustained, and data-driven. We’ve designed a student-centric approach to coaching that meets modern standards and fits your challenges, whether you’re implementing a new teaching strategy or planning for the future of your district.


Get moving quickly with professional learning courses that allow new programs to be implemented with fidelity. Getting Started Courses help teachers and administrators adapt to new programs. Follow-Up Courses allow for continued and deeper mastery. And eLearning courses provide flexible and personalized learning at your convenience.

Technical Services

Your technology environment should create an enriching learning experience for students and serve as a painless resource for teachers. From consulting on new digital strategies to improving efficiency in your current environment, our team of specialists ensures your infrastructure is moving as fast as you are.
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Together with the thought leaders at ICLE and Math Solutions, we make your vision possible

International Center for Leadership in Education

From leadership development to crafting new digital strategies, the thought leaders at ICLE will help you drive classroom, school and district transformation.

Math Solutions

Math Solutions inspires a culture of math achievement through professional learning and resources that foster environments where students can thrive in math.

Trust us to support your vision
Make a commitment; build a strong team

When you partner with HMH®, our team of experts helps define a strong, clearly articulated vision for success. This can include a Gap Analysis, Needs Assessment, or Strategic Planning, as well as District Technology Profiles. We pair a core team of experts with your district team to lead projects and oversee milestones. Our teams establish a monitoring and reporting system that allows for flexibility and course correction.  

Lay a foundation for success

Just as a sound structure relies on a strong foundation, so too does implementing a new instructional initiative, program, or technology. From the very beginning of every partnership, we provide schools with an actionable plan, developed with timelines and clear accountabilities, to deliver comprehensive support for initial implementation and ongoing, sustained services to drive change.

Focus on classroom teaching practices

Our consultants work side-by-side and virtually with teachers to help them use best practices: We provide real-time modeling, guidance, and expertise in the most practical setting—the classroom. We help to enrich every aspect of professional learning with print and digital tools, individual and team coaching, and courses specific to programs and student needs.

Implement ongoing progress monitoring

Our consultants are trained to help teachers and leaders capture key classroom data throughout the year to monitor progress, make instructional decisions, course correct, and drive home real results for students, teachers, and leaders. 

Build capacity for the long term

Plan for sustainability with tools, services, and support for ongoing change. Whether you are implementing an HMH program, focusing on instructional practices and school change, or using a new technology, we work to ensure your continued success. Our goal is to prepare our school and district partners to manage and sustain performance independently. 

Our Impact
See results from districts like yours

Our services are designed with the latest instructional research to deliver proven efficacy results. Our partner districts report higher educator satisfaction and, most importantly, student achievement. See their stories in action. 

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Our Experts
The leading minds in education empowering your mission
Dr. Bill Daggett
Founder and Chairman, International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)
Eric Sheninger
Author and ICLE Senior Fellow, ICLE
Weston Kieschnick
Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education
Marilyn Burns
Founder, Math Solutions
Dr. Tyrone C. Howard
Professor and Associate Dean, UCLA
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