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Key Initiatives
Discover more ways HMH can engage and support your classroom
Raise Your Voice

Join the conversation and share your feedback to help shape best practices for classroom instruction.


Help students make the connection between math in the classroom and their career aspirations with our engaging web series.

Summer School

Strengthen and transform summer learning with programs and professional learning support that set the stage for year-round success.

Our Research
Guided by learning science, we constantly study how students learn best
Stage 1: Foundational & Exploratory

With the help of thought leaders, practitioners, parents, and policymakers, we first identify challenges, and propose how a program or service can address them.

Stage 2: Developmental & Design

Next, we refine the solution, and conduct testing with actual users in classrooms and schools to guide continued improvements.

Stage 3: Impact

We measure the effectiveness of our solutions in classrooms across a variety of settings with diverse student populations.

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