Adaptive technology gives educators the power to instantly adjust instruction to meet individual needs as they arise.

iRead catapults children into an exciting, motivating, interactive learning environment.

Data driven and research based, iRead’s unique method proves its efficacy year after year.

Closing the Gap through Personalized Learning

Foundational Principles
Personalized Progression

Children progress at an instructional pace that matches their readiness. Placed at the appropriate starting point by an initial screener, children’s proficiency dictates content skill level, pacing, and practice opportunities. Once mastery is demonstrated, students reflect on their progress and advance to the next level.

Embedded Assessment

Based on the FASTT algorithm, each child’s performance is continuously monitored in order to create customized pacing, instructional load, and content. Mastery is achieved as knowledge is systematically moved from short- to long-term memory.

Gaming Theory

Motivation surges as children are given the chance to create customizable reading buddy avatars to journey with them through the Beastie Hall program. Students collect accomplishments in a personal backpack and monitor their own progress.

Complementary Technology

Immediately accessible technology enhances teacher efficiency by placing growth charts, lesson plans, and resources for professional development at their fingertips.

Supportive Learning Environment

Involved families make the difference between struggling learners and proficient learners. By accessing the host of available resources on the Family Portal, family members can act as partners with teachers.

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