Research & Results

Classroom-tested, expert-designed

GO Math! has been rigorously tested in the classroom, and the results, complemented by the Harvard University Center for Educational Policy study, show significant achievement gains.


GO Math! was designed using the latest academic and scholarly learnings about what constitutes good mathematics instruction. GO Math!: A Research-Based Approach outlines the foundational research.

ESSA Evidence Criteria for GO Math! K–5

Overview of how GO Math! K–5 meets ESSA “MODERATE” evidence criteria.

ESSA Evidence Criteria for GO Math! 6–8

Overview of how GO Math! 6–8 meets ESSA evidence criteria for "DEMONSTRATES A RATIONALE."

GO Math! and the Principles of Effective Mathematics Programs

HMH author, Dr. Matt Larson, discusses how the research-informed instructional strategies to support effective teaching and learning of mathematics is embedded throughout the HMH Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 curriculum.

Mathematical Processes and Practices

HMH author, Dr. Juli Dixon, discusses how each mathematical process and practice contributes to the development of mathematical proficiency.

Harvard University Research Report

A research report by the Harvard University Center for Education Policy finds significant positive achievement for students using GO Math!


Elementary Grades Efficacy Study

Published in 2016, this study examines the effect of GO Math! on student achievement, including differential effects, for students in Grades 2-4.

Randomized Control Trial, Grades 1-3

Published in 2014, initial findings from this two-year, gold standard study highlight the differential impact of GO Math! on student achievement versus a randomized control group.

Middle School Field Test

This first evaluation of our new middle school GO Math! program summarizes the student achievement growth seen through use of the program during a 2013 field test.

Case Study: Cummings Elementary, MA

Read about how elementary school students in this suburban school district improved their math proficiency with GO Math! in the 2010–2011 school year.

Florida Efficacy Report

Published in 2011, this report shares results of a quasi-experimental study evaluating the growth of GO Math! students overall, and relative to a control group.

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