Provide actionable information with streamlined WJ interpretation

WIIIP helps examiners interpret results from the WJ IV family of assessments by linking test and cluster scores to associated instructional accommodations and interventions. In addition, the WIIIP includes a number of qualitative checklists that, when completed, provide context to an individual's WJ IV scores and result in a more comprehensive WJ IV evaluation.

“I absolutely LOVE working within the [WJ IV Online Scoring and Reporting] system! It has made scoring the WJ IV quick and efficient.”

Denise Meyer School Psychologist, Bi-County Special Education Cooperative

New benefits for a new era of WJ testing

WIIIP offers hundreds of new interventions and accommodations for the WJ IV family of assessments.

Accommodations & Interventions
Understand and overcome students' unique learning needs.

Problem-Solving Teams
Help to implement discrepancy models or Response to Intervention (RtI) processes.

Woodcock-Johnson IV®
Improve outcomes with comprehensive evaluations
WJ IV Tests of Early Cognitive and Academic Development (ECAD)®
Inform success early with dynamic assessment for your youngest learners.
Learn how WIIIP can work in your classroom.