Logramos Tercera Edición
Grades K–8 Assessment

Offer your Spanish speaking students a research-driven, evidence-based assessment in Spanish designed to reliably measure achievement and monitor growth in grades K–8. Logramos parallels the scope and sequence of the Iowa Assessments in Reading, Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Offer your Spanish-speaking students a fully equitable path to success.

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Equity in Assessment

Assess content knowledge in student’s first language to gain better insight of student's strength and weaknesses in core standards and more accurately plan an educational program to meet the student's need.


Measurement of critical-thinking skills through test items that focus on higher-order cognitive skills across different content areas, including Science and Social Studies.

Nationally Comparative

Identification of student strengths and weaknesses for relative comparisons to performance of students nationally across groups and individuals.

Key Assessment Tools Provide Accurate Growth Measurement and Reporting

Accurate Comparisons of Student Performance

Research-based evidence enables measure of students’ achievement in comparison to local and national groups.

Actionable Growth Monitoring

A continuous vertical scale that measures change over time allows educators to assess growth within and between years.

Convenient and Powerful Scoring and Reporting

A choice of either online or paper/pencil administration with scanning and scoring of answer documents at HMH Scoring Service offers you testing flexibility.

Helpful Ancillaries to Assessment

Built to parallel to those of the Iowa Assessments, teachers have access to a collection of ancillaries that include a Planning and Implementation Guide.

Scoring & Reporting

Logramos offers a choice of administration modes, including online, along with a full suite of paper- and web-based reports through HMH DataManager, to provide you the data you need at the item, skill, and domain level and for students and groups of students.

Discover how Logramos equitably assesses EL students' achievement.