Journeys Literacy Workshop

Teach your way with a flexible, comprehensive, balanced literacy program
Grades K–6 Literacy Core
Meet students where they are.
Contains over 4,700 leveled readers.
Provides a significant difference in reading words at kindergarten.

Guided reading with the experts

Combining your classroom expertise with instruction and resources from Journeys Literacy Workshop’s two balanced literacy experts—Irene Fountas and Dr. Shane Templeton—gives children an incredible start on their lifelong adventure.

Model your class on how Irene and Shane would organize a balanced literacy classroom—or draw from the resources to design your own.

Teach with award-winning authentic literature, hundreds of mini-lessons, and thousands of leveled readers.

Get results with Journeys’ proven foundational skills scope & sequence.

See what Journeys Literacy Workshop has in store for your classroom.