Leveled Reading

Advance reading achievement with books to meet your students interests and ability

Find the right story for every reader

The right book can inspire a love of reading in any child. Each leveled reading series offers a range of titles that meet students where they are and grows with them from one level to the next. Stories come to life with both long-time favorites and new characters guiding students to reading confidence.

Students are met at their ability level for increased achievement as they learn.

Precision matching encourages every student to read at or slightly above their level.

Teachers receive clear instruction and embedded professional learning to ensure their students will excel.

Find the right series for your classroom.
Custom Libraries

Every learner grows through tailored support and instruction. Custom bookrooms support a literacy instruction with the perfect mix of titles. With our guidance, you can build a customized library and bridge learning gaps. 

Precise level matching makes a difference.

The right challenges ensure students continue to develop a love of reading. Explore F&P Guided Reading Levels, Lexile®, and DRATM.

HMH Leveled Readers span multiple grades at various levels and are great for independent, whole-class, and small-group instruction.

Teachers choose from age-appropriate, relevant, and engaging content for students at or below grade level to find texts students will want to read.

Trusted names in leveled reading including Rigby®, Great Source®, and Steck-Vaughn®, allow for premium quality texts and instruction.

Common Core Bookrooms

Choose from grade level, theme, ELL, trade, and performance packages to create your Common Core Bookroom Collection. 


With 16 titles including fiction and nonfiction that span three to four readability levels, this package is the perfect start to your classroom instructional library.


Take the love of reading from page to screen when you visit the eBookroom. See which captivating classic series are now available digitally. 

Find the right series for your classroom.
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